Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Challenge" versus "Safety"

Unfortunately, the article is no longer available for free viewing, but I thought it was very interesting that the Chosun Ilbo (a Korean newspaper) characterized the Mao/Yu-Na rivalry this way.

The main body of the article is about the decision by Yu-Na's management for her to remove the triple loop jump, her weakness, and replace it with a double axel, which is very consistent, from now and through the Olympics. Basically, they want her to give up on trying to land it successfully. Because Yu-Na's strategy is "safety/security."

In contrast, it points out that Mao is going to try to do the triple lutz jump, which she doubled at 4CC, and the triple-triple combination, which she has not landed successfully all season. Because Mao's strategy is "challenge." Instead of avoiding the problems in her programs, Mao Asada attacks them.

A new fan video on youtube captures Mao's spirit perfectly, I think.
I find the two quotes from Tatiana Tarasova (Mao's coach) and Mao to be very inspiring:
Tarasova: "To stay on top, you must continue to grow."
Mao: "If you run away from challenges, you cannot grow."

mao asada Challenge & Evolution

Thank you Mao, for inspiring me with your "soul of a challenger."

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